Does He Like Me?

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Dark22978 said:
May 9 '12, 1:04AM

Hm...i guess this was a okay test

Koolkat45 said:
May 8 '12, 12:41AM

Chain letters stink like two hundred year old dog poop!

lovelifelive said:
May 7 '12, 11:59AM

I h8 it when people post chain letter messeges

savvysagelove said:
May 3 '12, 4:42PM

I been taking alot of quizes and all the quizes say he likes me i like him back also i know he likes me because heard my friend mary saying he likes also he is my best guyfriend.boys name jonathon my name is alice

johnlennon said:
May 1 '12, 10:08PM

My crush is also my best friend, so even though I got he loves you girl I don't think it's true. We get in fist fights all the time (I'm a tom-boy).

amber092303 said:
Apr 30 '12, 8:20PM

he is mad head over heel hes hot hottey hot he loves me ooo im so gonna be his girl were gonna kiss and soon have kids HES SOOOO HOT!!!

OnedirectionFans said:
Apr 28 '12, 9:39PM

Why why he only likes me or maybe not at all

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