do you watch television too much?

do you watch too much tv? well find out with this quiz! some people dont watch tv, so if youre one of those people....leave my quiz alone! its wonderful terrific! to good to be good! wait. why are you still here? youre supsosed to be taking my quiz! bye-bye now

now and only now you can find out if you watch tv too much....unless of course, you dont have time right now, in that case please come back later! has would could may wont will might got you would you please go now?

Created by: daniel johnson

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. approximately, how many hours a week do you watch television?
  2. when do you usually watch tv?
  3. how many tvs do you own?
  4. do you have cable, sattelite,or standard television?
  5. approximatley, how many hours a week do you read?
  6. why do you watch t.v.?
  7. do you even watch t.v.?
  8. do you watch kiddie shows? (be honest! no one will know!)
  9. umm, do you stay for the comercails?
  10. do you watch commidies, dramas, or horror movies?

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Quiz topic: Do I watch television too much?