Do you Love Her/Him?

Many people feel that they are in love. That they just might have found there soulmate. Well lets put it to the test .....Dont be shy it will only take a few minutes. Prove your love for that special person. See if you really truly love him/her....hopefully you will find the truth.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Do you believe you found him/her? Well see how in love your really are! It will only take a few minutes...Lets see if you are truly soulmates or love birds. Did you really mean i love you when you said it. Or are you in denial?

Created by: Joshua Jackson
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Have You ever avoided eye contact with her/him?
Nope...For what reason? heart just begins to race.
4. Have you ever avoided her/him?
yes....i was afraid to approach him/her
no..i have this in the bag
sometimes...i tend to freeze up when they approach
5. Do you fantasize about him/her everyday?
yes.....i cant get enough
nope....dont need to
sometimes...all the things i would like to do
6. Do you find your self staring at him/her features while him/her is talking to you?
yes..shut up and kiss me not spit on me
occasionally...dont want them to see me staring
7. Are you dying for her/him to ask you out?
nope.....dont really care
neutral..just make the first step please
8. Would you make love to this person?
hell yes
it depends
9. If him/her was crippled would you still be with them?
yes....can't explain it
lemme think about
its hard to say
10. Would you risk your life for him/her?
strangely yes
hahaha.thats funny
11. Would you bear children with them?
give me a break
if there my true love
12. Would you care if your parents did not like him/her?
no....i love them and thats all that matters
yes....i must please my parents
yes...but i love them
13. Are you sexually attracted to this person?
yes....mind, body, and all
kind of...
looks dont matter to me
14. Would you give up your dreams for him/her?
no..its not worth it
no...but i will be heartbroken if they dont except that
15. Can this person get you to do unusual things?
what type of things?
16. Would you try to break up his/her relationship if they were already taken?
no...i love them to much to see them hurt
yes...i want them
no.....its called karma
17. If him/her had a child would you still love them?
yes.....and the child too young to be a parent
i cant say
18. Do you pleasure yourself thinking about him/her?
yes..sad but true
ewww gross..never
yes..but i think about other girls/guys to
19. If him/her popped the question would you say yes?
yes...i will
Its complicated
20. Would you cheat to be with this person?
nope....i dont commit adultry
yes..i cant help it
i would feel bad about it but yea
21. Would you fight for him/her?
ima have to think about it
no way jose
22. Do you stare at him/her picture?
not often
23. Do you go on his/her myspace every day?
no...i have a life
try to most of the time
him/her dont have one
24. (for guys only) would you buy feminine products for her?
hell to the no
yea man..i love her
not alone
dude im a woman
25. (for girls only) would you go down on him private or public?
yea..but im not a whore
no....i will never
cant say honestly
hell naw im a dude
26. Do you feel for him/her troubles?
yes...i wish i could take the pain away
no...its not my problem
i dont want to get that involved
27. Would you give all that you had for him/her?
yes...even if i had nonthing left
it depends
28. If him/her acted the same but was the same sex would you still want to be with him/her?
scary..but yea
hell no...
i would fight my emotions
29. Do you love him/her looks more or honest?
both the same....
30. Do you think you and him/her are a match?
yes..i can feel it
no..but who cares
i hope so..but you never know
31. Are you keeping secrets from him/her? afraid of what they might think
no...i feel that i could be myself around them
32. Are you angry that your not with them?
yes....why cant we say how we feel
im with them
33. Do you feel sad when him/her dont text you back?
yes...what did i do
no..probably busy
34. Would you leave him/her for the guy/girl of your dreams?
no.....they are the person of my dreams
yes...its my fantasy date who wouldnt
wow..i cant say
35. (for guys only) Halle berry ask you to meet her at her does she..who do you go to?
halle..that girl who?
i cant do that to her..forget halle
tough situation
im a girl
36. (girls only) Brad pitt asks you to meet him at his suite..and so does he...who do you go to?
people its brad pitt
he....brad who
tough situation
im a dude
37. If you was threatened to stop seeing him/her would you?
yes..thats my life
no..i will die for them
it depends on how severe the threat is lol
38. If your brother/sister was dating him/her would you take him/her from them?
no...thats just wrong
I must follow my heart..sorry kin
dont have any siblings...
39. Do you find yourself speechless around him/her?
no...there not all that
im a confident individual
40. Do your heart ache to see him/her with another man/woman?
yes..its aching now
no...there loss
there not taken
41. Are you going to eventually tell him/her how you feel?
yes..rite after this quiz
no...there come to me
dont know
i already did
42. Do you really TRULY,TRULY,TRULY love him/her after doing this long quiz?
no..i hate them now..thanks
yes....nonthing can stop my passion confused

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