Do you know movies?

There are many people who watch movies, but few are movie buffs. I mean to be a movie buff you have to have a vast knowledge of movies from every category you can imagine.

So you think you know movies? YOu think you can answer 10 questions about random movies? You think you can remember movie quotes? YOu think you can remember actors and specific movie titles?Well lets see what you got, and give this quiz a try.

Created by: dailey
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1. What movie starred Adam Sandler as a hockey player turned golfer?
Got Balls?
The Price is Wrong
Happy Gilmore
The Putter
He's Got Game
The Golfer
2. What movie contains the quote, " what I amuse you? What? Like Im a f---in clown or something? Im here to entertain you?"
The Godfather
Bronx Tale
Training Day
3. Who played Batman in the movie Batman Returns?
Michael Keaton
Val Kilmer
Heath Ledger
Christian Bale
Eric Bana
George Clooney
4. What movie starred Drew Barrymore as an undercover reporter who goes back to high school for a story?
School of Rock
Dirty Teacher
School House
Back to School
50 First Dates
First Kiss
5. What movie contains the quote, "Shampoo is better. I go on first and clean the hair. Conditioner is better. I leave the hair silky and smooth"
Wedding Singer
Big Daddy
Anger Management
Billy Madison
6. Who was the killer in Scream 2?
Sidney's boyfriend Billy
Billy's mom
Sidney's dad
Sidney's best friend
Billy's dad
7. What Al Pacino movie has the quote, "All I have in this world is balls and my word and I don't break 'em for no one. You understand?"
Donnie Brasco
The Devils Advocate
Any Given Sunday
Carlitos Way
8. What movie did Brad Pitt star in with Julia Roberts?
The Mexican
Meet Joe Black
Fight Club
The Devils Own
9. How many sequels were there to the Nightmare on Elm Street series?
10. Which thriller movie had the gruesome scene of a man getting pulled in half by two 18wheeler trucks?
The Omen
the Hitcher
High Tension

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