Do You Know Anime?

There are many people who think they know anime, well then lets test them. Take this quiz and see if your an anime master!!! And when you are done, see your score and see if your an anime master and also tell everykbody else about this quiz!

Hey you, yeah you, do you think you are anime master? Well lets test you. Take this quiz and find out if you are truly an anime master!!!!!And when your done check your score and see if your truley an anime master and tell everybody else about this quiz!!!

Created by: Rome
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1. In Mew Mew Power, which character has the DNA of a Grey Wolf?
Zakuro Fujiwara (Renee Roberts)
Ichigo Momomiya (Zoey Hanson)
Mint Aizawa (Corina Bucksworth)
Pudding Fong (Kiki Benjamin)
2. In the show This Ugly Yet Beautiful World, who were the 2 main girls?
Sakura & Mari
Sakurako & Amika
Kimi & Jennifer
Hikari & Akari
Ami & Usagi
3. In the show Sailor Moon, which soldier was reborn and has the power of silence?
Sailor Pluto
Sailor Saturn
Sailor Moon
Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Neptune
All of the obove
4. In the show Pokemon, what number is Burmy in the pokedex?
5. In the show Nurse Witch Komugi, who is the youngest?
Komugi Nakahara
Koyori Kokubunji
Asuki Sakurai
Shiro Mibu
Runa Tokisaka
Megumi Akiba
6. In the show Avatar The Last Air Bender, what is the 5th Element?
All Of The Above
None Of The Above
7. In the show Lucky Star, which character is rich?
Konata Izumi
Kagami Hiiragi
Tsukasa Hiiragi
Miyuki Takara
8. In the show Sailor Moon, What is Sailor Venus's 3rd attack?
Cresent Moon
Venus Love and Beauty Shock
Cresent Shower
Venus Love Me Chain
9. In the show Naruto, How long was Naruto gone?
1 year
2 1/2 years
5 years
3 1/2 years
10 years
10. In the show Naruto, who are the 2 kunoichi rivals?
Tenten & Temari
Moegi & Hinata
Kurenai & Anko
Tsunade & Shizune
Tori & Matsuri
Sakura & Ino
11. In the show Powerpuff Girls Z Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup say while they transform?
Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup TRANSFORM!!!
Pink Blossom, Blue Bubbles, Green Buttercup
Powerpuff Girls Z GO!!!!!
Hyper Blossom, Rolling Bubbles, Powered Buttercup
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Powerpuff transform

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