Do you belong with a blonde, brunette, or redhead etc.

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noblenote said:
Nov 13 '14, 8:27PM

some people say i have orange hair and other people say that my hair is light brunette.

otty said:
Jul 22 '14, 7:15PM

resuly blondes

Actress97 said:
May 21 '10, 11:11AM

I really am a brunette and that was my result. Nice quiz.

blondebabe said:
Mar 17 '09, 10:25PM

umm sorry to disappoint you but not all blondes are stupid! everyone is just jealous of us because they wish they could have long luscious beautiful blonde hair. ive never made below a 95 in my life and im in all AP classes. im probably smarter than most brunettes, and red heads put together.

Too me said:
Feb 9 '09, 9:53PM

Your Result: Barbie/Ken

Two words-Paris Hilton. These are the originals. plastic perfection. Nice on the outside, not much going on in the inside. That's hot! thats all the deeper it gets with this soulmate.

Dye job
Black Beautiful
Smart Blonde
Sorta smart blonde

--- WHAT?!?! im a brunette!!! im not supficial but i am very imagnative but im not a barbiee!! eww.. i hate barbiess xD

syn_x3 said:
Dec 18 '08, 7:50AM

smart blonde, lol.

hellogirl said:
Dec 17 '08, 7:15PM

I got a smart blonde aw that is so cute I love that.

princessnot said:
Dec 16 '08, 11:42PM

black head he he

starfire3 said:
Dec 16 '08, 3:41PM

ok brunette......ok than

misskiss said:
Dec 16 '08, 11:15AM

brunettes the backstabbers? lol. i'm brunette :P.

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