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mememe55 said:
Apr 4 '12, 11:06AM

this quiz is the worst quiz i have ever taken i do not want to ever see it again. nobody ever take this quiz. i hate this quiz more than anything in the world ever.

mememe55 said:
Apr 4 '12, 11:01AM

my mom lost her ring and she needs to find it. Can you guys help her? Just kidding ppl. LOL

happysunshine said:
Apr 3 '12, 8:06PM

Hey, cooldiggy1995, You spelled volcano wrong. teehee. OH, and by the way, I ain't doin' it

shea12345 said:
Mar 20 '12, 9:02PM

70!!! OMG! i really do not belive this at all!!! whatevev!!!

Sad Gurl said:
Mar 16 '12, 11:07PM

I dont wnna live till im 70!!!!! That's WAYY old!!!!

Destinie1 said:
Feb 21 '12, 7:54PM

Until I'm ...88? Id rather die now by getting murdered or in a car accident..

weirdflower said:
Jan 1 '12, 4:10PM

until im 70 huh.........

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