Come to me part one (boys and girls)

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Wabash said:
Aug 2 '09, 2:40AM

Um..... what was the point of this quiz again?

Amywhite said:
Mar 21 '09, 10:45AM

Part 2 will be out soon.!

ltlbabeangel said:
Mar 20 '09, 6:53PM

The cute goth guy that was new just a mounth ago.You had to walk him to school.He had a crush on you anyway.He has Green eyes and Black hair.Well duh,Of course he has black hair he`s goth!.Sooo,Just leave a comment if you liked the quiz or not!
hmmm hottttiie :)

Amywhite said:
Mar 20 '09, 8:15AM

Thanks guys.Tell other people to take it and comment on it 2!

Xy624 said:
Mar 19 '09, 11:01PM

I like your quiz it was really ok !!!

Mega_crazy said:
Mar 19 '09, 9:52PM

*glares* Theres NO info here!

xxshattered_soulxx said:
Mar 19 '09, 9:52PM

i waz rele confused

Jasmine said:
Mar 19 '09, 9:22PM

That is ok!!! I like your quiz. Although it was really short, it was still fun. (=^_^=)

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