California summer love story

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Hey everyone this is a adventure love story kind of thing and I was inspired by addibaby and well go check out here series they are called La summer love story part one. It goes on to part 10 really good series!

Hey me u will get to pick the guy you like the most and it will come true becuz they are all falling for you and I know for me that would never happen so why not experience it on here soo yah ;)

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2. What is your gender?
3. You went to go vist your best friend mayra and when you show up she hanging with these three hot guys what are your thoughts?
ooh look at them!
hot guys and my bestie what a great day!!
hot guyss! i get my strut on!
*smile flirtatously*
4. Mayra yells ___ omg omg how are you! You reply good! And mayra says oh these are my friends there stands four amazingly hot guys and you ask for there names
thought this would never happen to me
5. Hey I'm max, there stands a strong looking guy, he has chocolate brown eyes. And short brown hair. He smiles at you and says so uh ___ what are you doing today you avalible?
sorry no
... others?
6. Then you turn to another guy uhh.. hey I'm nick.. and uh your very beatiful. You blush and say thanks uhh yeah he says. His brown hair and green eyes sparkle at you.
umm okay..
uh no dont do that
;) heh he so cute
7. You look at a guy with the brightest blue eyes and brown hair. He has the most charming smile ever and he chuckles well I'm dylan and your are gonna be going with me today
oh okay *blush* hehe
um no im not!
i think my heart just melted
8. The last guy looks at the ground and looks up at you and gives a slight smile hey.. I'm drake you can tell he's a bad boy. He has green eyes and black medium hair.
omg your amazing
y so shy?
ur so cute! i love bad boys!
ugh emo guy *rolls eyes*
9. After awhile you guys end up going onto the beach and your left with dylan and nick. And you guys start talking about stuff dylan asks hey ___ have a favorite?
you of course dylan! duh!
um.. nick *smiles at nick*
drake.. kinda like the bad boy
max.. hes cute..
no one yet
all of you
10. Heh dylan chuckles ooh..uh yeah? He scatched his head and looked at nick nick looked away staring at. The beach hey ___ do you like.. the beach?
not really.
i guess..
if u like i do.
11. Oh.. that's cool. He smiles at you and a sparkle in his blush and look away. Dylan clears his throat uhh yeah ___ well your really pretty and you look cold here have my jacket he puts the jacket on you.
awwe ;3 thanx..
oh uh thanks *wish nick did that*
:) thanks
umm i not cold..
12. First quiz please rate and if good comments I will make more parts if good give thanx I was inspired by addibaby and ya so yeah... sorry other characters weren't in there as much..
its fine

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