breeds of horses

all people must have one favrit animal mines a fox but if your taking this qwiz that proboly means you are a horse lover know dout about that so have fun....

well are you gunna take it get going my little pony its time for you to sattle up and take this test to see if you realy are a horse lover well off you go...

Created by: amazon
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1. can a horse be born with pink fur
no of corse not
yes its true
bla bla bla
i dont car i think it is pink
whats pink?
dur no a horse cant be pink
2. on howrse how old are horses when they breed?
3 years and 4 months
2 years and 5 months
2 and a half years old
um i think 100
1 year old
3. can a horse realy be born with wings?
um yes case im stupid
no cas a horse with wings is a pegises not real
no dur there a bird if they have wings wait ya its true
4. are cats related to dogs
not even a horse qweshtin
5. can a horse live to be a 100
no not 10
yes case they can
no thats to old
6. would you rather name a horse
7. when there born there
8. horses get scard if you
stand behind them
ride them
feed them
9. how young am a horse with what as a do
ok i get it
dur its funny
trick qweshtin
10. blue is a horses favrit color
no its red
they dont have one
bla dur no

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