Blaxland, Lawson, & Wentworth Journey

Take this quiz after reading the biography on Blaxland, Lawson, and Wentworth. This is to test how much of their journey and contribution to Australia you remember.

Feel free to post comments on the Facebook page about this quiz and these explorers. They may even comment back. Be sure you have read the biography and good luck!

Created by: Karisa
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1. How did Blaxland, Lawson, and Wentworth travel on their journey?
2. What were the three explorers looking for?
more land to settle
grazing land for their livestock
both of these are correct
3. How did the explorers mark their trail?
tying ribbons around the trees
marking the bark of trees
unfortunately, they did not think to do that
4. What was the name of the mountains that were near the land the explorers claimed?
Blue Mountains
Rocky Mountains
there were no mountains
5. Where did the ridge the explorers followed lead them?
a valley
Mt. York
a river
6. What was the condition of the path the explorers traveled (following the ridge)?
easy to follow
very dangerous
7. What was one reason the explorers needed to find more land?
they were greedy and wanted more for themselves
the land they were settled on was not suitable for farming
the numbers of settlers was increasing
8. Where were the settlers from?
The Great Barrier Reef
9. What was the occupation of the explorers before their journey?
10. What was below Mt. York?
a lake
another path
a valley

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