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Ok, here is a little test to see how well you know the Bible. Some are easy, some are tough and some are life examples. Take your time and see how well you can do. Put on your thinking caps and see how you can do.

If you consider yourself a Bible Buff, then you should do well! Good luck in taking this quiz. Im glad you chose to try this one out; Hope you Ace this!

Created by: Deidre Vest
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1. Why did Cain kill Abel in Genesis 4?
There was a fight over food.
Cain was jealous of Abel's sacrifice.
Cain wanted to be the only heir.
Cain's father asked him to.
2. In what book of the Bible did Moses bring down the commandments?
3. Jacob had ___ sons. _______ was his favorite. (clue, he gave him a coat of many colors)
7; Jeremiah
10; Joseph
12; Joseph
12; Jeremiah
4. King Nebuchadnezzar threw whom into a fiery furnace?
Daniel and his friends
Job and his family
His soldiers who did not listen
Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
5. What did Job do when he lost his family, his wealth and his health?
He committed suicide.
He cursed God.
He prayed and had patience.
He moved away and started a new life.
6. Who had great strength and the secret was his long hair?
7. Jesus was born in _______.
8. At King Herod's birthday dinner, he was pleased with Herodias' dancing. He promised her an oath of anything she wanted. What did she want?
A long silk robe
To not pay taxes
John the Baptist's head
Payment for services
9. Jesus stopped to see 2 sisters, Mary and Martha. Mary listened to Jesus and sat at his feet. Martha was upset because Mary wouldnt help her work and prepare for Him. What did Jesus tell Martha?
Mary should go help Martha.
He would leave right away.
Mary chose to listen, so she is doing what is right.
Jesus said he would help too.
10. The rich man asked Jesus what it takes to inherit eternal life. What did he lack?
The ability to keep the commandments
He could not believe in Christ
He could not give his wealth away.
He lacked nothing.
11. Which disciple betrayed Jesus?
12. Which Psalm begins, "The Lord is my Shepherd"?
Psalm 23
Psalm 123
Psalm 19
Psalm 91
13. Who was swallowed by a whale?
14. What event caused the sky to turn dark, an earthquake and the dead to resurrect?
Future events mentioned in Revelation
The birth of Christ
The death of Christ
15. How did Judas Die?
Stoned to death
16. True or False: Jesus stats that anyone who looks t a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.
17. Who denied Jesus 3 times?
18. What did Jesus state is the greatest commandment?
Love thy Neighbor
Do not kill
Do not steal
Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind.
19. How can a person be saved from Hell?
Do many good deeds.
Give to the poor.
Love everyone
Admit your sin, accept and believe Christ is the son of God died on the cross for our sins and rose again.
20. Last one: Life here on earth is like the blink of an eye compared to eternity. True or false: All I need to do to live forever in Heaven is A-Admit I am a sinner. B-Believe Christ is God's son who died for my sin and rose again C-Confess that Christ is Lord.

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