Are you worthy of growing wings?

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Many people say that growing wings on a human being is all daydreams and fluff - in - the - brain. But with scientists getting better at learning the Genetic Code, growing wings doesn't seem that hard anymore.

But do YOU have what it takes to grow wings WITHOUT a genetic mutation? Until now, you could only dream of yourself soaring high in the sky. But in afew moments, you will find out if you are truly worthy of growing wings!

Created by: Allison Mahonski
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Can you keep a secret when you really need to?
If my life depends on it, then yes I can
No. Secrets are for babies.
It depends on what that secret is...
What secret?
4. Are you willing to do anything to grow wings?
Growing wings? Seriously? That's not physically possible.
I'm willing, but to a extent.......
Wings? Who has wings?
5. if you could pick your wing color, what would it be?
Browns, blacks, greys, colors that would blend in with the forest.
Red, yellow, and green
Rainbow. Duh
6. what bird wing would you pick for your wings?
Hmm, I'd have to look into that. Definitely not active soaring, they relie to much on thermal winds for coasting and gliding. The wing would have to suit me.
Ruppells Griffon Volture
Red tailed hawk
7. What would you do if evil scientists and hunters are looking for you because you have wings?
Hide until they give up.
Fight them if they find me
There are hunters?! And they will look for me if I have wings!?
Remain calm at all times and react accordingly.
8. In the wing growing process, what step comes first?
Research. Look into different wings and birds. Find one that I absolutely love and won't ever want to change them.
Pick my wings. I don't care if they are rainbow colored; I like rainbows. I
Growing the wings! I have wanted wings for SO LONG, I think I know what wings I want.
9. What word would your friends use to describe you?
I'm shy
I'm adventurous
I'm loyal
I'm smart
10. According to your age, how long do you think your wings will be? ( if you are 14 years old, pick the first answer etc. )
11 - 15 years old: 14 feet long
16 - 20 years old: 19 feet long
8 - 10 years old: 11 feet long
11. Have you looked at any wing growing spells/ rituals?
Yes, but I know they are fake. You can not grow wings in under a year. It's impossible.
Should I?
12. Do you believe that growing wings is possible?
Yes, I do believe.
No, this is all made up.

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