Are you the Ultimate Diva

There are the good of heart, the selfless and the true... and then there are the Diva's. see how you rank in the world of divas, with this ULTIMATE, ULTIMATE DIVA QUIZ!!!

Are YOU a diva? do you have a tendancy to be selfish? Do you even qualify to BE a diva? thanks to this ULTIMATE QUIZ in a few minutes you'll find out.

Created by: SNP
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3. you have two pairs of jeans. one is designer the other a knock off and 75% cheaper. you?
Buy the desinger.Duh!!
Get the knockoff, and two tops!
I don't even wear pants!
got to a different store.
4. it's school picture day. and you have a huge zit the size of...well, it's huge! you?
Go back to bed and hide.
Grab concealor and proactive
I wasn't even going to school today
wait until retakes
who even cares?
5. your lab partener is a total dweeb and he calls you a bi-atch. you?
whoop his nerdy butt
call him a loser
what's a dweeb
ignore him
say takes one to know one
6. you've just bought the cutest prada heels and there is a huge puddle in your way. plus your late for school. you?
call mom to give you a drive
get your boyfriend to carry you
take off your shoes and go barefoot
who's prada?
ugh, i hate heels.
trudge on.
7. your bffl buys the exact same top that you just bought and claims she got it first. you?
burn hers at night
talk to her about it
ummm...who cares?
i don't wear shirts.
kill her
exchange it
8. did you ever get another person to do something for you because you just had a mani?
what's a mani?
9. do you tell your boyfriend what to wear so you can match?
who doesn't?
only for dances and other special occasions
ew, that's sooooo tacky.
10. do you forge a note from home so you can avoid gym class just because you hate getting sweaty?
i even have a pen esspecially for it!!
i LOVE gym
how can i check out the guys?
11. you have to take the dog out but only have 7 minutes left until you have school and you still have to blow dry your hair. you?
let the dog pee inside. who cares?
3 minutes for the dog, 4 for my hair.
definatly the pooch.
I'm not even awake
12. do your friends call you a drama queen?
Friends? it's all about me.
heheheh, sometimes.
I hate people.
excuse me, i have to go to a charitie.

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