are you smarter than a fifth grader?

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Lea Lea said:
Jun 28 '11, 11:59AM

that is so cool im 100% smarter than a 5th grader and im in grade4

carter said:
Jun 26 '11, 12:07PM

im a 6th grader and i barely even know these GETCHA FACTS STRAIGHT this quiz is shi*

Puppydog said:
Jun 26 '11, 2:18AM

Hm. This quiz is so bad that I'm going to say its shi* again.. Yes, hardly any 5th graders know these questions. This is just unaccurate and stupid, like me and sirius black think so. XD

Shaymin said:
Jun 24 '11, 4:18PM

70% Smarter. And I'm a 4th Grader. Is that bad? D:

xxemogirlxx111 said:
Jun 21 '11, 10:08PM

80% but im going to a bad school sooo IT'S NOT MY FAILT!!!!

1800iluvpopcorn said:
Jun 13 '11, 5:39PM

i'm 50% smarter than a 5th grader >:p

siriusblack said:
Jun 6 '11, 5:17AM

stuff u :( i'm a fith grader and i have learnt none of those. ;) to puppydog

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