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  • I was born I Georgia! I lived in the birth place of the falcons. I am NOT a yankee. >:D

    Hollyleaf7799 Mar 9 '12, 6:11PM
  • I feel like this quiz is more for those that live in South Georgia. I do not need to get "swampwise". I try to stay out of the wasteland. Anything south of Macon is just terrible.

    Jrichardh Dec 11 '11, 2:16PM
  • it's okay you guys, i got ZERO PERCENT and i'm from georgia! haha, FAIL .

    deathlyx Nov 20 '10, 7:28PM
  • I got like 40% and ive lived here since i was born? wats up w/ this quiz?

    alyrocks Jun 26 '10, 5:44PM
  • OK i got 7% and i live in and was born in Georgia..WTF but i really don't give a damn about crap that was in the quiz...i admit i guessed most of the answers cause um i didn't know not a big deal to know those answers to me

    MYRASOSWEET Dec 18 '09, 6:46PM
  • Im Californian and i was forced 2 move to red-neck central.I still have my Cali accent amazingly :)

    Cali100 Jul 28 '09, 2:59PM
  • Jeff Davis sucks

    Cali100 Jul 28 '09, 2:57PM

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