Are you really a JUICY GIRL?

Here's the dreaded paragraph. Basically, my quiz is about Juicy Couture, and it's a test to see how well you know the brand and a little bit of history behind it.

If you score a low score, you aren't really a Juicy chica. But if you do score high, i am proud to see a fellow juicy girl. Want to see where you rank? Just take this 10 question quiz.

Created by: Alexis
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1. What is the correct slogan of Juicy Couture?
Love P & G
Love G & P
Love G & E
Love G & A
Love F & P
Love P & E
2. What is the zipper design on every Juicy hoodie?
a J
a regular zipper
it's like a straight line
an L
3. What are the two animals on the Juicy logo?
Scotty dogs
A dog and a cat
4. On the Juicy chocolate bars that you can only get in the stores, what does it say?
Let them eat cake
Let them eat chocolate
Let them eat Juicy
Let them eat Couture
5. What were the names of the original designers of Juicy?
Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy
Liz Claiborne
Guccio Gucci
6. What company now owns Juicy?
Liz Claiborne
Betsey Johnson
7. Who is Juicy's biggest competitor?
South Pole
Baby Phat
8. Where was Juicy founded?
Pacoima, California,
San Diego, California
New York City, New York
St. Louis, Mossuri
Los Angeles, California
Dallas, Texas
9. What celebrity help make Juicy famous?
Miley Cyrus
Britney Spears
Jamie Lee Curtis
10. What is the name of one of the Juicy perfumes?
Viva La Juicy
Dude, Where's My Couture?
Cupcake Couture
Smells Like Couture

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