Are you ready for a horse/pony?

Are YOU ready for a horse/pony? There are lots of riders, but there's a BIG difference between being a good rider and being ready for a horse/pony. Of course, the two do apply to each other... but even so...

So this quiz will give you the first little pointers. As well as giving the simple "Yes" and "No" answers, it also suggests ways that you can get more horsey knowledge, and suggests other options (loans) e.t.c. And remember, it's only a QUIZ!

Created by: HorseyAmz
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. How long have you been riding?
Forever! (Over 10 years)
Since I was like... 2 (5-10 years)!
Between 3-5 years.
A year or two :)
A few months.
I don't ride.
4. How much do you know about pony care?
Loads! I've helped out my local stables for ages orI've been riding for so long, I've picked up a lot of knowledge.
Quite a lot.
A fair amount. I've done own a pony days and helped friends with their ponies.
A little. I know most of it in theory, but I've also had a go at doing some of it.
Um... not much.
5. Would you be able to recognise signs of illness?
Most of them.
I know a few of them.
I could tell if my pony was lame but beyond that...
Not really.
6. Now for some scenarios. Be honest about what you'd do... it makes your score fair! Your pony refuses to be led and is standing completely still, feet planted in the ground. You....
Tug and pull and tug and pull and...
Give a few half hearted yanks before giving up.
Walk forward confidently, and if that fails, try turning your pony round to face another way.
Wave a carrot in front of your pony's nose.
Flick the leadrope at him, then walk forward confidently.
GIve up.
7. Your pony has got into the bad habit of moving away while you try to mount. What do you do?
Hold the reins really tightly while you mount up.
Have someone hold him while you mount.
Patiently correct him with a "No." and give a small tug at the reins.
Get your riding instructor to help.
I don't know.
8. Your pony is getting really hard to catch. What do you do?
Chase him around before getting someone at the yard to grab hold of his head as you put on the headcollar. After that, your pony lives in all the time.
Keep him in his stable all the time.
Walk indirectly towards him,get his attention using some velcro (horses find the sound interesting), then offer him a carrot as you put the headcollar on.
Chase him round the field.
You start turning him out with a headcollar on.
Give up.
9. How much loose rope should you allow when you tie your pony?
None. That way your pony will stay absolutely still.
30 cm at most, more likely about 20cm. He won't get tangled, he's got a little room to move and he still can't run away.
A metre. That way he has lots of room to move, and you can work around him.
A few metres. He can graze while you groom.
You shouldn't ever tie ponies up! It's cruel.
10. What should you do when you've finished riding?
Untack your pony and turn them out.
Untack your pony, pick out their hooves, and turn them out.
Untack your pony and throw a bucket of water over it before turning it out.
Untack your pony, pick out it's hooves, give it a sponge down, walk it round to cool it off, and turn it out.
Untack your pony, throw a bucket of water over it, pick out its hoves and take it back to its stable.
11. What do you do if your pony gets over excited when you're out on a hack?
Slow to a walk, shorten your reins and ride circles if there's room.
Nothing, just keep riding.
Slow down a pace.
Smile and kick it on.
Make your reins really short.
12. What do you do if your pony spooks at something?
Calmly ride your pony forwards, and talk to it in a soothing voice.
Panic as well.
Stop and dismount.
Talk to your pony, slow to a walk, calmly keep riding, and give your pony a pat when it's calm.
Stroke your pony.
13. Do YOU think you are ready?
I think so...
I don't know.
14. Why did you take this quiz?
Because I was bored.
Because I wanted to know whether I was ready.
Because I like horses :)
I don't know.
15. Do you/your parents have a regular, fairly large income?
I don't know.
16. If you are under 16, is at least one of your parents 'horsey'?
Yes, very. They have their own horse/have a horsey job!
Yes, quite. They ride and know lots about horse care.
Sort of. They ride/know a bit about horses.
Not really...
I'm over 16
17. Bye! (Has very little effect)
Whinny *Nickers*
Er... k, bye!

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