Are you pretty, beautiful or gorgeous?

Everyone is pretty in their own way. But the difference between being beautiful, gorgeous or pretty is internal. In order to be truly gorgeous, you have to be confident and kind

It's OK if you don't get gorgeous-I don't know you, so my quiz could be wrong. Plus, if you learn to be kinder to yourself and to others, and embrace who you are, the gorgeous person you have the potential to be will shine through

Created by: Lillie
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. OK, let's get the physical stuff done first. Hair color?
mixed (auburn,blonde/brown, etc)
4. Eye color?
5. Skin tone?
6. Height?
very short
very tall
7. Build?
a little chubby
my body is gross (oh, honey...I'll be so sad if anyone puts this :()
8. Hair length?
pixie cut- chin length
shoulder length-to a little past my shoulders
upper back-mid back
lower back/waist-butt
9. OK, here we move on to the personality aspect. This first one really won't count-what's your personal style?
Classic Chic/Expensive
Edgy Chic/Glam/Urban chic
10. This one counts-why do you dress this way?
I don't know...
I feel comfortable, and it's inexpensive
I feel comfortable and it looks good
It's popular
My crush likes girls who dress that way
11. Another one that won't count-favorite type of music?
Pop/Soft Rock
Hard Rock/Goth/Punk/Metal
Techno/New Wave
12. Why do you listen to the music you listen to?
all my friends listen to it
I don't know, i'll listen to anything really
I like it, and it makes me happy
13. Which club sounds most interesting?
Peer Counseling/Tutoring
Cheerleading/Pep team
Art Club/Theatre/Literay Magazine/Photography/School newspaper
Any sport
Science club/politcal science club/math league/history club
14. Why would you join the club you chose?
All my friends are in it
I really enjoy that activity
15. You hang out with your friends because...?
I like them, and we have things in common
They're cool
I don't have friends (I'll be your friend! Again, if anyone picks this I will be sad :()
16. Say you were in the hallway at school and you saw one of the more popular kids (we'll call him Asher) pushing and cussing at one of the geekier kids(we'll call him Mike). What would you do?
tell Asher to knock it off
wait for Asher to leave, then ask Mike if he's ok
ignore it
17. If you chose answer one or two for the last question, why?
Asher picking on Mike isn't right, and it would make you upset
You'd look good if you stuck up for someone geeky and shy like Mike
18. If you chose answer three for question sixteen, why?
You're afraid that Asher will hurt you too
You want to be friendly with the popular kids, and Asher is one of them
19. Do you like yourself?
Yes. I think I'm great
Yeah, I'm OK
20. Say you have a crush (we'll call him Craig) What do you do?
Gush to your friends about Craig, but don't necesarily approach him
flirt a little with Craig
try to become more friendly with Craig, and then ask him out
Avoid Craig. he probably wouldn't like you anyway :(
21. Why do you like 'Craig'?
he's nice, funny and a good time
he's popular and gorgeous
he was kind of nice to you, once, and people usually aren't

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