Are you like Obama?

It amazes me how many people supported and even voted for President Obama without having even the slightest clue about what he intends to do as president. Others hate his guts, but they can't explain why.

Take this quiz. Answer the questions honestly. How do you really feel about these issues? You might be shocked to learn that you have had the wrong impression of the president all along.

Created by: Brad Hines
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1. U.S. Troops should come home from Iraq:
after they have completed their mission.
2. U.S troops should come home from Afghanistan:
after they have completed their mission.
3. Gay marriage should be:
4. Marijuana should be:
legal only for medicinal purposes.
5. Abortion should be:
always legal.
always illegal.
legal only in the first trimester of pregnancy.
legal only in cases of rape or incest.
6. Should the military continue to detain captured terrorists at the military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba?
7. Taxes should be:
stay the same.
8. Government spending should be:
remain the same.
9. If a big business is in danger of going bankrupt, the government should:
stay out of it; let it fail.
give them billions of dollars.
10. Illegal immigrants should :
have all the same rights as American citizens.
be arrested and deported.
not be allowed to collect welfare, but they can stay.
11. Embryonic stem cell research should be:
paid for by the government.
12. What do you think?
Immigrants should learn to speak English.
Americans should learn to speak Spanish.
13. Off-shore oil drilling should be:
14. Should the U.S. bomb Pakistan?
15. What do you think?
Private schools should be available only to those with the money to afford it. Poor kids have to go to public school.
The government should provide private school tuition tax credits or vouchers to help low-income families send their kids to private school.
Outlaw private schools. All education should be run by the government.
Outlaw public school. All education should be private.
16. Should sex education be taught in kindergarten?
17. What should the government do about the budget deficit?
Increase government revenue.
Decrease government spending.
Nothing. Who cares?
18. Who should pay for your health insurance?
Your employer.
The government.

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