Are you introvert or extravert?

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OmegaWolf9 said:
May 18 '13, 9:09AM


OmegaWolf9 said:
May 18 '13, 9:09AM

@Tomboy, i am not english, American, eyc. So i don't always know how to spell things. I looked it up in the dictionary and it said extravert. So something gone wrong there, but don't let this ruin the quiz.

tomboy9876 said:
May 12 '13, 11:36PM

It's "extrovert." If you're gonna make a quiz, at least know how to SPELL what you're talking about.

Rave098 said:
May 9 '13, 6:37PM

Introvert. Right, perfectly right for me in real life.

OmegaWolf9 said:
May 8 '13, 3:33PM

thanks guys!

LoneShadowWolf said:
May 8 '13, 10:22AM

Introvert...heh, yes. Nice quiz.

Immadog said:
May 7 '13, 8:14PM

So accurate

SmartB said:
May 7 '13, 6:58PM

nice quiz :)

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