Are you indie enough?

Indie is a type of many things: music, film, art. It is also a type of person. An indie person is like an emo person in that they have some qualities that make them easy to identify. If you are obnoxiously indie, you are probably already aware of this fact. But, hey, maybe you wanted to find out.

So, are you indie enough? Do you listen to Pavement on your iPhone while walking through a vinyl store? Take the quiz and find out. Along with your results, you will gain some insight on how to be more or less indie. This quiz is worth your time!

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3. Out of the following bands, which one is your favorite?
D.J. Khaled. We da best!
Blink 182. I can't wait til their hiatus is over.
Radiohead. They're the best, most original band.
AC/DC. Classic rock that influenced all the new bands!
Vampire Weekend. I can't believe MTV had to ruin how cool they were.
The Smiths. Morrissey is a genius.
4. What type of sunglasses do you usually rock?
Checkered Ray Bans. They're essential to any outfit.
Cheap, fake Chanel. They're cute and if they brake, no big deal.
Some 80's ones I bought at a flea market or garage sale.
Oakley shades, of course. Everyone cool needs them.
I don't really spend time in the sun.
Designer sunglasses from department stores, like Armani Exchange.
5. Out of the following movies, which is your favorite?
The Dark Knight. Heath outdid himself.
Little Miss Sunshine. What a great mix of mainstream and indie.
Kids. Any Larry Clark film is alright with me.
The Notebook. I seriously can't help but cry every time.
I support local, small scale film directors only.
Footloose. Come on, Kevin Bacon dancing? You can't say no.
6. What type of cell phone do you have?
The iPhone. It's worth the money. It's cool.
A standard flip phone. I'd rather spend just $20 on something that breaks easily.
I don't have a phone. I'm sick of everyone always texting and yammering on loudly.
Any type of Sidekick. It flips out and looks pretty cool.
Blackberry. It's easy to get online and is small.
Another type of smart phone. It's able to do anything I need in a phone. I'm not concerned with having the latest one since there's a new one every month.
7. Which of the following is closest to what you wear for everyday clothing?
Guys: A tall tee, baggy jeans, and some nice Jordans. Girls: A tight, cute t-shirt that says "I'm Hot, You're Not" and Applebottom jeans.
Guys: A Lakai shirt, tight jeans or baggy Dickie shorts, and Emerica shoes. Girls: DC t-shirt, tight Levi jeans, and DVS skate shoes.
Guys: A western plaid shirt, tight worn out jeans, and Converse. Girls: A scarf, cute, trendy tops from American Apparel or Urban Outfitters, jeans, and cute flats.
Guys: A really tight shirt that is vintage or has an ironic slogan, tight jeans or cutoffs, and sandals. Girls: A flowy, hippie style dress with some tights and gladiator sandals.
Guys: A tight band shirt for the Chariot, the tightest skinny jeans, and huge Dunks. Girls: A tight ironic t-shirt (for Boy Scouts or RUN DMC), jeans, and Dunks.
Guys: A Hollister shirt saying "Life's a Beach", cargo shorts, and Hollister sandals. Girls: An American Eagle Outfitters t-shirt, cute jeans with rips in them from Hollister, and heels.
8. At which of the following concerts/festivals are you most likely to be found?
Warped Tour. All the pop-punk I can get my hands on. The price is right.
Lollapalooza. Radiohead, Kanye West... Need I say more?
A local concert where a couple of my friends are playing.
A concert downtown. I'm not sure who is playing, but a lot of people are going.
Pitchfork Music Festival. I get to see !!!, Vampire Weekend, and a lot of other great bands. I can't wait to buy merch.
Somewhere for Lil Wayne's tour. I lic-lic-lic-lic-lick like a lollipop.
9. If you could pick a dream car out of the following choices, which would you pick?
A cute Honda Civic Hybrid. It's not as much about being green as being seen though!
I wouldn't take a car. I'd rather have a bike like a Trek Madone 5.5.
A smooth Noble M15 with that Ford V-6 engine. Nice racing car and looks awesome.
A blue Mini Cooper S. So cute and easy to parallel park!
I'd have to ask my uncle who knows more about cars!
1969 Cadillac Sedan DeVille. I mean if I'm going all out.
10. What does your MySpace profile look like?
I have a Ray J layout and have all my favorite music videos in my "About Me"!
It's just the classic MySpace layout. I have an account mainly to lurk other accounts.
I never have had a MySpace. Too cool for that.
I create my own layouts. I'm pretty good with HTML. It always look cool with some new art or quote.
I closed my MySpace down a while ago. I don't have time for Top Friend drama and updating it.
MySpace? Try Facebook.
11. What is your favorite class, out of the following?
Advanced math. I'm just better at thinking in numbers.
Drawing. I like sketching, but I don't really learn anything.
Band. I love marching and learning new songs.
I'm not in school. I dropped out or graduated.
I'm in college and have an undecided major.
I dislike school. The teachers are incompetent and kids are immature.
12. What is your most frequent used expression on instant messenger?
"Lol" or "LOL"
I don't use any instant messaging system.

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