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  • 44%??? You idiot! I'm really really good at grammar, top in my class in fact! >:( what a dumb quiz! I bet your bad at grammar yourself! IDIOT!

    Puppydog Jul 24 '10, 7:22AM
  • 60? i`'m hopeless!Why does the title say "Are You Gooder at Grammer" it should be: "Are you good at grammar" you said gooder it should be good! oh gosh now you get me doing it!

    xXvampiregirlXx Jun 9 '10, 11:03PM
  • Monkey question was wrong.It was SUPPOSED to be monkies, and monkey's!!!! WOW!

    zoobear91499 Jun 9 '10, 2:44PM
  • wow people. grammAr (lol) is EXTREMELY important. say you apply for a job, and your resume and another person's resume are equal. during the interview, they WILL be paying attention to your manners and grammar and such! =P so LEARN! haha

    mk09 May 6 '10, 6:44PM
  • English is my third language and i got a 100 , can't believe you guys :)

    Mohammed May 3 '10, 4:32AM
  • @xxemo vampiressx ... an language ?? you should change your mind

    Mohammed May 3 '10, 4:27AM
  • That monkey question was wrong. It was supposed to be "monkeys" and "monkey". Shame on you! :P

    Firexxice Apr 25 '10, 9:43PM

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