Are you a true Twilight fan?

there are many twilight fans that surround us in everyday life. but you may be wondering what is a true twilight fan. that is someome who knows the books front to back, and knows a little bit about the author. as well as someone who is not waiting for the movies but reading all four/five.

there are many people who call themselves twilight fans. but the question is are they TRUE fans? take this quiz to test your twilight knowledge and prove to others you are a true fan.

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1. What does the apple on the cover of Twilight signify?
eatable art
edwards favorite fruit
forbidden fruit
edwards hands and bellas heart
2. why does bella move to forks, washington?
she likes the wheather
she cant tan
she got kicked out of phoenix
her mom and phil were going on the road
3. When does bellas accident take place?
in the morning
after school
during lunch
during passing period
4. what is edwards super natural talent?
he can see the future
he can create force fields
he can see through walls
he can read minds
5. what kind of car was jacob working on?
`68 chevy truck
`98 silver volvo
`86 volkswagon
wasnt a car, it was a dirt bike
6. what is the name of the tribe jacob belongs to?
quileute tribe
quillete tribe
cullens tribe
7. finish this phrase..."im the worlds best predator, arent i? everything about me invites you in..."
my smell, my body, my face
my glittering body, my face, my eyes
my abs, my eyes, my car
my voice, my face, even my smell
8. billy sends jacob out of the house in order to tell bella what? and has jacob get what from the car?
stay away from the cullens, fish fry
stay away from edward, picture of rebecca
come over more often, cans of beer
to stay away from jacob, billys wheelchair
9. when the cullens and bella are playing baseball who says,"i could smell her across the field."?
10. what is edwards full name?
edward cullen
edward anthony masen cullen
edward masen cullen
edward anthony cullen
11. what names did bella put on birth certificates, and passports?
edward cullen, bella cullen
jacob black, nessie black
edward swan, bella swan
jacob wolfe, vanessa wolfe
12. what does the cover of breaking dawn mean?
bellas progression throughout the saga
nessies favorite game
red piece represents the volturi, white piece represents the cullens
the werewolves and the cullens
13. what did billy tell jacob he would give him to go and talk to bella at her prom?
20 bucks
20 bucks and a master cylinder
a master cylinder
a new car
14. who did sam imprint with?
15. what is the name of the boy victoria professes her love for during the battle?
16. what are the names of Stephenie Meyer's siblings that she uses in the book?
embry, esme, rosalie, edward, isabella
charlie, ben, seth, maria, alice
jasper, jane, kate, aro, jessica
emily, heidi, paul, seth, jacob
17. what was bellas before car?
18. what is the name of the script that was leaked out before Meyer could even finish it?
midnight moon
break of dawn
midnight sun
19. who did jacob imprint with?
girl at the park
20. what is the name of the little boy who is half human half vampire?
21. does bella ever let edward read her mind?
22. what does bella drink when she is pregnant?
vampire blood
werewolf blood
human blood
23. do the vampires and shape shifters ever unite as one?
24. who sees bella nessie and jacob,on nessies first hunt?
25. at the end of the Twilight series, when bella allows edward to read her mind for the second time, she is interupted with...
jacob knocking on the door
edwards kiss
nessie crying
charlie calling

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