Are You a True Californian?

hahaha i hope your happy with your final score. cuz there are no refunds! just kidding. you dont have to pay me till the end. just kidding again aha you are so gullible. you probably find this annoying but remember, i am 12. but good luck on the quiz!

Ok i hope you liked the quiz have fun for the rest of the day and learn you california facts! Have you ever heard of nigahiga(famous youtuber)? he is so funny!

Created by: Hayley
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1. What is the capital city of california? (no brainer, duh)
California city
Why am i taking this quiz?
2. What happened in San Bruno almost 1 1/2 years ago?
City almost went bankrupt
A San Brunan won the lottery for 3 million
Gas line explosion
who cares?
3. What highway goes from san francisco california to ocean city maryland?
Highway 50
Sucky quiz street
Highway 80
highway 1
4. This question will affect your answer what is your favorite state?
British Columbia
5. Do you like disneyland?
Yeah totally!
what is that?
i dont like social places
6. Why are you taking this test?
I want to see if i am a true californian
i honestly dont know
ZZzzZZzz....huh what?
7. Sorry im running out of questions. What are some of the cities in the bay area?
San Bruno, San Francisco
Eureka, Truckey
Carson city, Sonoma
Clear Lake(dont be fooled, its not a clear lake)
8. What color is american cheese on the west coast or california?
Green with mold
Yellowish orange
9. What is illegal in ca?
Riding in a horse drawn buggy
Gay marriges :(
Having more than 2 dogs
10. Ok last question this is my best one. Do you want to do good on this test?
Right answer, Yes
and no

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