Are you a true blue Aussie?

Do you think you have what it takes to be an Aussie? Can you drove cattle? Can you make a leaf whistle? Can you stomach a true blue Aussie meat pie, drenched in tomato sauce???

The point of this wonderfully EASY quiz is to weed out which of you people truly have the talent to be an Aussie...and which ones really need to do some research...

Created by: Bussogal
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. What was Australia originally called?
Van Diemens Land
4. What race resided in Australia before the British arrived?
5. Why does the Australian coat-of-arms contain an EMU and a KANGAROO?
Because they are the only 2 animals with brains the size of a walnut.
Because they can't fly.
Because they are the only 2 animals that can't go backwards, only forwards, thus symbolising Australia moving forwards, not backwards.
Because we just like them.
6. When did the FIRST FLEET arrive in Australia?
May 31, 1794
May 13, 1787
May 28, 2007
May 23, 1773
7. What is the name of the man who discovered the east coast of Australia and claimed it for GREAT BRITAIN?
Captain Feathersword
Captain James Cook
Barney the Dinosaur
Captain Jack Sparrow
8. What Australian food icon is Bussogal always hungry for?
Chips and gravy
Smith's Crisps
Meat pie and tomato sauce
Tim Tams
9. What was the slogan broadcast in the last Western Australian tourism advertisement, before being pulled from the air amid much controversy?
"Come have a cuppa with us!"
"Do you want fries with that?"
"So where the bloody hell are you?"
"Stone the crows!"
10. When is AUSTRALIA DAY held each year?
December 25
January 26
March 18
October 31
11. Who is the current PRIME MINISTER of Australia?
Kim Beasley
William Turner
John Howard
Big Bird
12. What is the name of the "Cape..." on the northern tip of Queensland?
Cape Of Good Hope
Cape Cavana
Cape of Bad Luck
Cape York Peninsula
13. What is the name of the Newcastle woman who was crowned "Miss Universe 2004"?
Miss Piggy
Lara Bingle
Jennifer Hawkins
Michelle Leslie
14. In which capital city did Australia hold the 2000 Olympic Games?
Alice Springs
15. In what year did HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH THE 2ND visit Australia for the first time?
16. What type of leaf can you "whistle"?
17. What animal gets his name from one of the states of Australia?
Northern Territory Dingo
Queensland Quokka
Tasmanian Devil
New South Wales Numbat
18. How many states make up Australia?
19. What colours make up the Australian flag?
Green, Orange and Black
Red, Blue and White
Purple Polka-dot, Hot Pink and Lime Green
White and Black
20. And last but not least, where does the beautiful and courageous Bussogal reside?
Wolf Creek

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