Are you a Tomboy or a Girly Girl?

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DancingMilk said:
May 30 '16, 2:29PM

The only reason i'm a tomboy is because I am a boy XD

SC countrygirl said:
May 11 '16, 9:55AM

i like wat u put for tomboy how do the walk in them things i have actually broke my arm tryin to walk in them xD

SnowFox said:
May 1 '16, 3:29PM

88% tomboy
68% In between
18% girly girl

The results were almost accurate, but I'm dissapointed that still many quizzes are this cliche. I posted in an earlier comment to another quiz (a bad one)

:May 1 '16, 3:14PM
I really do hate these quizzes much like this one, that have stupid cliche questions like "Sports???" "Makeup???" This doesn't determine a tomboy at all! A tomboy is a girl who has rough or boyish, un-girly traits, not just "Like, sports totally legit GURL!" (imagine in a high pitched voice X3) And what I hate (that this quiz clearly demonstrates) is questions like "Is my quiz good??" "Choose the best answer to make your score higher!" Being a tomboy is a type, not a privilege. All these people who comment too are all "Ya I like, do that sports thingy too!! Such a tomboy! Teehee I like...dirty stuff! LOoool" And I'm really sick of it. Did someone lead you to believe if you aren't boyish you aren't a genuine girl? Please be honest with yourself.

Now I came off mean, I know. It's just aggravating being one of the only ones that get being a tomboy isn't saying "I LUV sports" and jazz. It's an actual type and I'm done with your girly perspectives on what makes a tomboy.

End of quote.

Now I support what I said here. I was angrier with the previous quiz because it misused the type name "tomboy" as a stereotype that says "OMG I TOATS LUV SPORTS AND DIRTY THINGS LEGIT GURL L0oooOl" which is not true whatsoever. I'm glad I had accurate results, but even so, I was dissapointed with some of this due to it's similarity to all those other bad quizzes.

A nod of respect for your quiz, but you might want to change your veiws a bit dude.

Nadii87 said:
Apr 27 '16, 7:28PM

This quiz was dumb IMHO ( btw IMHO means in my humble opinion) but im obviously a tomboy so

Sierra Hascak said:
Apr 27 '16, 6:42AM

IvystarGecko said:
Apr 8 '16, 9:11PM

Yeah tomboy!! Awesome!

gfffeb said:
Nov 5 '15, 2:21PM

96% tomboy
0% girly girl
58% in between

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