Are you a snob?

there are lots of people in the world but a few stuck up snobs which EVERY ONE HATES!!!!! they strut around like sluts making sure everything goes their way 24/7.

Are YOU a snob? take the snob quiz to see if you have what it takes to be a slutty snob, a control freak and a stuck up B*TCH! in a few minutes and 12 questions you will have the answer. GOOD LUCK!

Created by: Holly
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3. If your boyfriend took you to out for a meal and he was a fiver short for the bill... would you ...
give him the money and askhim to pay back later.
shout "NO" slap him nd leave!
give the money and dump him the next day.
give him the money and say "keep the change."
4. If your boyfriend got a new car and it was old, dirty and just nasty...would you...
tell him to get screwed and dump him!
say it has a nice body but it needz decorating.
tell him its discusting and you won't be seen dead in it.
lie and say its lovely.
5. you went to get a hair cut but the hairdessers gave you the wrong style... do you ...
start screaming and stomp out the salon!
tell them its great then have it cut again at a different salon.
just live with it. Life's to important for little things like that.
6. You can't decide on which pair of jeans you like so you ask the shop owners advice. BUT then he starts flirting with you ... do you ...
tell security and have him sued.
make out with him in the changing rooms!
tell him your married. (but your not)
SLAP HIM!!! and run!
7. There is a begger on the street and he asks you for money ... do you ...
ignore him and keep walking.
shout "HELL NO" then grab his pot of money and run!
give him a fiver and tell him to buy some clothes and to get a bath because he reeks!!!
give him a ã20 and tell him h has a good heart.
8. Your boyfriend takes you to macdonalds but you tell him your a vegetarian ... would you ...
give him an evil fo the whole meal.
start eating meat again becuase you love him so much.
tell him to get bent and leave with the cute boy at the till.
sit there patiently and say " do you want sex in the toilets?"
9. Are you bored so far?
Yeh, right from the beginning!!! duh!
..... is this a quiz? cool!!
its just getting interesting.
just get on with it!! I have to get ready for a date!!!
10. what could yu not live without?
make up.
scented candles
11. if you had a car would it be.....
ford focus
fiat punto
12. where would you go on holiday?

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