Are You A Sneakerhead?

There are a lot of people who may think they are a sneakerhead, so take this quiz to find out if you actually are a legit sneakerhead, or just a hypebeast DO NOT USE GOOGLE TO GET YOUR ANSWERS, ANSWER EACH QUESTION USE YOUR OWN KNOWLEDGE!!!

Are you a sneakerhead? Do you have the knowledge and collection to call you self a real legit sneakerhead, or are you just a wannabe poser/hypebeast?? DO NOT USE GOOGLE TO GET YOUR ANSWERS, ANSWER EACH QUESTION USE YOUR OWN KNOWLEDGE!!!

Created by: Brandon of Are you a sneakerhead
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What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
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1. What do you prefer?
Air Jordans
Any Athletes Signature shoe by Nike
Air force 1
Nike Air max
Any running shoe
2. How many sneakers do you own (boots, sperrys, and vans do not count)
less than 10 pairs
10+ pairs
20+ pairs
over 75 pairs
3. How many different jordans are there in the doernbecher series?
4. Which NBA players recieved a signature shoe in their rookie year?
Kyrie Irving, and John Wall
Charles Barkley, and Penny Hardaway
Derrick Rose, and Dwight Howard
Lebron James, and Michael Jordan
5. What Year Did The first Air Jordans come out?
6. Which of the following is not a real colorway for the air jordan 4?
thunder 4
toro bravo 4
doernbeacher (DB) 4
grass green 4s
bred 4s
7. Which of the following is not a real lebron?
floral lebron 10
Lebron 10 what the MVP
Lebron 8 south beach
lebron 9 bruce lee
lebron 11 championship pack
Lebron 9 china
8. Which of the following players does not have a signature shoe?
Michael Jordan
Derrick Rose
Dwight Howard
Lebron James
Scottie Pippen
Vince Carter
9. What is your opinion on foamposites?
they are overpriced
they are ugly
they are the best shoes made by nike
they are good for basketball
10. Which of the following came out in a fire red colorway?
air jordan 4
air jodan 5
air jordan 3
all of the above
11. What is your favorite running shoe?
Nike Roshe Run
Nike flyknit
Nike freerun
NIke lunarglide
12. Which of the following Jordans did not come out in a bred colorway?
air jordan 4
air jordan 1
air jordan 11
air jordan 10
13. Which athletes signature shoe do you prefer?
Michael Jordan
Lebron James
Kobe Bryant
Kevin Durant
Penny Hardaway (all posite shoes)
derrick rose
14. What numbered Jordan did Michael Jordan take "The last shot" in?
air jordan 8
air jordan 11
air jordan 15
air jordan 13
air jordan 12
air jordan 14
15. What do you do when you first walk into footlocker?
look at what everybody else in the store is wearing
look for a good deal
look at the newest releases
all of the above
16. When you get a new pair of shoes you?
Lick the bottoms in a wierd sneakerhead ritual
Post a picture of them to instagram,facebook,twitter etc...
Sore them under your bed for a year
sell them
Rock them
all but C and D
17. Rock or Stock?
Neither I sell them
18. How do you clean your shoes?
foot locker cleaner
I don't
Practically have surgery on them
Soap in water
all but b
19. Which of the following is not a legit place to get sneakers?
champs sports
finish line
flight club
Bens kicks
20. Do you buy from resellers?
Yes thats all I buy from
yes sometimes
sometimes but rarely because its too risky
only on kixify
I am a reseller
21. All black or all white af1s?
all black
all white
22. What does DMP stand for?
Defining Moments Pack
Dependable moments pack
23. What is your opinion on yeezys?
Too much hype
They are sick
They are ugly
Wayyyy overpriced
I would pay the money for them
24. whats the max amount you would spend on a pair of sneakers?
over a thousand
25. Do you prefer new releases or classics?
New releases
26. Whats your favorite numbered Jordan?
none i hate jordans
27. Do you consider yourself a sneakerhead or a hypebeast
neither I just started collecting
I think im a sneakerhead but everybody calls me a hypebeast
28. What is your opinion on the jordan 28?
its ugly
Its ridiculous
its sick
its overpriced
I would wear it for basketball but not casually
29. What is your opinion on the Kobe 9 elites (the high top ones)
Its sick
I prefer the lows
Its ugly
Good for basketball
I would wear it but its not worth the price
30. What kind of shoes do you prefer?
Lots of colors
Solid colors
Anything really
new releases
31. Do you prefer to order shoes online or go to the store to get them?

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