Are you a smart or stupid American?

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izamechebury said:
Aug 26 '10, 10:21PM

That was retarded. I'm 16. Shut it, loser. If you're so smart, explain the theory behind Einstein's relativity. I bet I could PONE you in a science test.

stinky said:
Aug 19 '10, 11:41AM

Why doesn't this thing show the answers? It should. Particularly I'm not sure if one of the questions was correctly asked... There are no moons in our orbit. The earth orbits the sun, there are no moons in the earth's orbit. Perhaps the question meant to ask how many moons orbit the earth?
This quiz seems to test if we know what the person who wrote it knows, and doesn't have much to say about any sort of general, objective knowledge/smarts.

Liffyjoo said:
Apr 10 '10, 11:28PM

Took it again and got a %67. Dammit.

Liffyjoo said:
Apr 10 '10, 11:16PM

It said I was 26% smarter than Jerry Springer's guests. What's that supposed to mean? :P I wanna know what questions I got wrong.

CaLiFoRnIa said:
Mar 31 '10, 4:52PM

Lol i got stupid american.Im not even american

borgania said:
Mar 17 '10, 9:55AM

lol 48% and I'm not even American!

borgania said:
Mar 17 '10, 9:54AM

lol 48% and I'm not even American!

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