Are you a smart or stupid American?

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softball_lover4 said:
Dec 15 '07, 8:48PM

wow, I only got 37%, I am very smarter than that I think, and the US capital isn't even in a state. It's on the border of two states.

Andipants26 said:
Dec 9 '07, 4:20AM

Wow, I'm 77% smarter than the average Jerry Springer guest. From the quiz, I'm guessing this is according to someone who is not so intellectually gifted.

stupid said:
Nov 29 '07, 10:40PM

The author obviously doesn't even know the correct answers.

To get to the 100% you have to answer some questions wrongly.

For example, to get to 100% I had to say the White House is in the non-existent of state of North Virginia and that I didn't know what an orbit was. (1,2,0 all got me to 98%)

sjl said:
Nov 27 '07, 1:03PM

DC is not a state and you spelled Philadelphia wrong.


Joe said:
Nov 20 '07, 5:41PM

Q14 - Whether the term are consecutive or not makes no difference. It's 2 4-year terms period.
Q15 - Washington, DC, is not a state.

ladyraven said:
Nov 13 '07, 7:48PM

Some things in here werent even american...Freud was Austrian for starters...freed the slave...ummm well possibly if your talking to someone who doesnt really get the civil war wasnt really about slavery thats just the fairytale it was industry vs agriculture...ok test just some flaws

Margherita said:
Nov 10 '07, 2:15AM

I'm not even American!

Isolde Michi said:
Oct 26 '07, 2:10PM

I know the U.S.'s History, pretty well, and scored really low.
Though it's been a few years, I knew more than what was taught and some of the stuff here seemed pretty stupid...
The person, who made this, probably looked stuff-up, at the last minute.

bungies said:
Oct 12 '07, 7:00AM

I got 87% and I've never even been to the US. Q13 had 2 correct answers - JFK had 3 brothers, including Joseph and Bobby; yes, sila6 Vietnam certainly did have a civil war (though the US and several other countries decided to involve themselves in it) so that's all 4 of them, and the 'state' question has already been threshed out...

sila6 said:
Oct 7 '07, 1:21PM

no offence, but that was a really stupid quiz. question 10, where did the civil war happen! does this writer know what a civil war is, i dont know about vietnam, but there has been a civil war in all of those other choices! how about, where did the AMERICAN civil war happen. and also, washington DC isnt even a state. im not even american and i can do better.

Zangar said:
Oct 3 '07, 3:43PM

I agree with Kat, it would be interesting to see what this quizmaker thinks the right answers are. I am quite confident I did better than 83% and that the score is wrong. Plus you can't trust a quizmaker who asks "What STATE is the US capital in?"

Kat said:
Oct 1 '07, 1:31PM

Please share the correct answers. I'd like to know which ones I missed.

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