Are You a Normie?

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Mumkey is my Waifu. Lolololololololol We ain't got shiz m9s we do got them memes! Cake cake soap cake. Oh boi, you be doin' the good stuff!? Jerkin' off is great!

Do any of you guys have a cheat day for hentai? Like a day maybe once every one or two weeks where you whack it to a real chick instead of anime? I started doing it a few months ago and I think it's starting to become a problem. It used to be that I had NO cheat days and my diet consisted only of hentai. I couldn't even get hard unless I was staring at a 14 year old cartoon character with giant bazongas. But ever since I started the cheat days, I've noticed I've been gravitating more and more towards irl p---. It's gone from once every other week to 3 times a week. Is there something wrong with me? I stopped watching anything with live female actresses and I cut off contact with all girls irl (except my mother, of course). But i think that may have made me even MORE desperate to jack off to them. I really need some advice, here, how do I go back to my old hentai lifestyle?

Created by: Dick Richardson

  1. Are you doing this quiz?
  2. Do you suck dick?
  3. Are you a normie?
  4. You Btupid?
  5. Which is a meme
  6. Meme
  7. Do you wish to continue?
  8. I slowly begin to take off your clothes. Oh, wait, this is a christian server.
  9. Ecks Dee
  10. Are you Normal?
  11. You have been BANNED!

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Quiz topic: Am I a Normie?