Are you a Mary Sue Critic?

Many people enjoy fan fictions written about their favorite series or characters and read them often. Several of these fictions contain original characters however that may or may not suit their tastes, earning them the tital "Mary Sue" or "Gary Stu". When it comes to these characters, several people often judge them based on personal tastes which does no justice to the author of the fic at all.

Are YOU someone who likes to throw out the term "Mary Sue" or "Gary Stu" as if it were a saving grace of society? Take the Mary Sue Critic quiz and find out if the characters you judge are actually Mary Sue's or if you just have a complex towards other peoples creative writings.

Created by: GieGie
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Are you a fan of a game series, but in that series have a favorite character above all others?
Yes, I am both.
I like a single character from a series, but I don't really go for the series itself.
No, I just like a series with no real attachments to any single character.
No, I'm just a general game fan.
4. On average, how often do you think of your favorite game character everyday?
Every hour on the hour.
Every now and again.
Once in a blue moon.
Rarely ever.
5. Do you consider yourself a fan of romantic fictions? (Either fan fictions or real fictions)
Yes, romance fictions are pretty cool.
If they're by an author I know is good, then yes.
No, I'm not really into the whole romance thing.
No, romance needs to die a slow, horrible death.
6. Do you know your favorite game series character pretty well?
I know him/her in and out like the back of my hand, ask me anything and I'll tell you.
I know him/her pretty well.
I don't know everything about him/her but I know enough to like them.
I know enough to know they're HOT.
I don't know much about them at all.
7. What is your take on OC's? (OC stands for Original Character, a term used in fan fictions for characters not canonical to the actual series but instead created by the author of the fiction.)
OC's have no place in good fan fiction.
OC's can be cool if the author is very careful with them.
OC's are okay, they add a good bit of spice to fan fiction life.
I don't mind OC's at all.
Bring them on! Write more OC's than regular characters!
8. How often do you read fan fictions?
I try to find a new one to read whenever I can.
Every other day.
I read fan fictions sparingly, they're entertaining.
I tend to stick to regular authors I know are good, so whenever they have new things out I read them.
I rarely read fan fictions at all.
9. How often do you WRITE fan fictions?
If I have access to my comp, every chance I get.
A good bit if I have the chance to.
Every now and again if I have a good idea.
I'm a read, not a writer, so never.
10. If you write, do you tend to use OC's in your writing alot?
I use OC's for a good bit of plot device.
I only use OC's whenever I find a good place to stick them in.
I try to avoid the use of any solid OC's in my stories.
I don't write so I couldn't say. (Will not effect your final score)
11. When reviewing fictions, how do you base your criteria?
By plot, storyline, and the authors writing skills as well as means of pulling everything off.
By how in character the canon characters of the fan fiction are.
By the inclusion of my favorite characters moreso than other characters in the series as well as what happens to him/her.
I only tend to review fictions I thought were terrible.
I only review fictions that are extremely good.
12. Do you consider yourself to be a blunt person when it comes to reviewing fictions and leaving feedback for the authors.
Yes, I'm very strict when it comes to reading a fiction and pointing out things that will actually get me to like it.
I'm fairly blunt when it comes to characters being well written and in character in fan fictions.
I'm only blunt if the author continuously makes the characters ridiculously out of character or storyline's that continuously go crazy.
No, I'm a pretty laid back person, and if I don't enjoy it, I probably won't read it, plain and simple.
Not at all. I point out things here and there to give advice, but I don't care to be blunt about it unless I have to be.
13. What is your definition of an OC Mary Sue/Gary Stu?
A character that steals the spotlight from the original characters and constantly shows them up.
A character who is made to be perfection in whatever way the author chooses to present them.
A character who is annoying and tends to do/say dumb things.
Any OC character is a Mary Sue/Gary Stu
14. On average, do you tend to find that all of the Original Characters written specifically with your favorite series/character from a series to be a Mary Sue/Gary Stu?
Yes, I haven't seen a good OC written into a fan fiction at all.
I've seen very few well written OC's.
It's impossible to write a good OC, they all fail in the end.
I've seen several OC's, some of which I'd like to see incorprated into canon.
I've seen a good few OC's here and there.

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