Are you a kind person?

The are many kind people but few to lovely but you tried well I hope you scored from 25 to 50 but remember you can always correct your mistakes!

You are lovely you are nice to be around people enjoy your company and most of all think you KIND remember to show your true kindness and let it shine!

Created by: Whydoyouneedtoknow?
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1. You saw a old lady trying to cross the road she's about to walk out on a green light what do you do?
Screw her
Watch what happens and laugh
Try to stop her
Run up to her and stop her
Take a photo
2. Your friend is in trouble he got drunk at a bar and stole a cup do you?
Call the police
Calm him down and tell him to go back and return it
Post "LMFAO mark just got drunk and stole a cup!" On face book
Tell him to face the consequences of his actions
3. What is your best attribute?
Standing up for your friends
Being a comedian
4. Your friend at school (or collage ect) is being bullied do you?
Take a photo
Stand up for him
Ignore it
5. Do you lime my YouTube channel
What does that have to do with this
Back to the questions please
Can I get this right
6. .......
Did you give up
C'mon you can do it
f--- you
7. Do you play violent games?
He'll yeh
Does it depend
8. Are you violent
9. What is your favourite channel?
Vanos gaming
This isn't relevant -_-
10. Do you want me to make more quizzes?
No give up
Yeh make more
If you want
I'd say stop

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