Are you a good pet owner

DO YOU REALLY KNOW YOUR PET? Or do you leave it up to your parents or other relatives to do all the work for you? Should you be making sure it's alive VS dead? Of coarse your a good owner, but are you?

Think your pet will be happy with you? Or will it just be happy you've remembered it's name? Take this test and find out how much of a good owner you really are.

Created by: Alice
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1. Do you remember your pet's name?
Um, I think I know what letter it starts with.
Why name it? It's an animal.
2. How often do you feed it?
Never. It's an animal, it can take care of itself.
Once a week.
Every day.
Whenever I remember.
3. Who cleans up after your pet if it makes a mess?
My parents
My other relatives
It doesn't make any messes.
4. How often do you spend time with your pet?
Whenever I want to
Maybe once a week
Never, it bites me
5. If someone were to step on your pet, how would you react?
Say, "Oh, that's where it went"
Be upset and try to comfort it
Punch the person's face of whoever step on it
Laugh and walk away
6. If your pet ever was missing, what would you most likly do?
Ask everyone in the house if they've seen it
Run outside and travel to Florida in search of it
Call Alex the Lion off Madagascar to ask if he ate it
Turn on the TV to the Soap Opra
7. If your pet was laying flat on the surface and seemed to be sick, what would you most likly do?
Consult a vet and schedule an appointment
Ask it, "Hey, are you like sick or something?"
Buy a movie ticket about Killer Zombies
Ask your mom if you can buy a cookie
8. If your pet looked boried, what would you do?
Throw a stick at it and say, "HEY! BE HAPPY!"
Walk away from it and take a nap
Buy a pack of M&Ms and eat it yourself
Find a toy or treat to cheer it up
9. If your pet growled at you, what would you do?
Growl back
Say, "Hey! SHUT UP...and go get me a Root Beer"
Step back and let it cool off
THROW it a bone and force it to eat it
10. Would you consider yourself to be a good pet owner?
Me? A pet owner, um......
Nop...not at all...
I guess I'm ok at it

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