Are you a dog person?

Opinions regarding dogs differ from person to person. While one person might instantly melt at the sight of a cute little puppy, another person might just see another slobbery, noisy, smelly animal that is going to get in the way. This test is to decide if you are a dog person.

Opinions regarding dogs differ from person to person. While one person might instantly melt at the sight of a cute little puppy, another person might just see another slobbery, noisy, smelly animal that is going to get in the way. This test is to decide if you are a dog person. :]

Created by: um_itsme
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Do you own a dog?
The landlord says I can't have dogs in the building.
I have a wonderful dog, and he/she is fully trained and very gentle. Best dog ever!
I have... Um... I think... three... wait, no... five dogs... They just had puppies, again, so I lost count
I have two dogs and they get along just great with each other and friends & family visit
I have a dog, but I swear it's the spawn of Satan. It chews EVERYTHING and pees EVERYWHERE.
4. If one of your friends couldn't keep their dog and they wanted you to have it, would you take it?
Ugh. No. It's smelly and noisy and smelly and untrained and smelly and just really, really smelly...
Of course I would! I would love and cherish it like my own.
I don't think my landlord would be very happy with that...
Maybe on a temporary basis, like dogsitting for while they're on vacation.
I already have seven dogs, so what's one more? Of course I would!
5. If you went for a walk and a Rottweiler was running toward you, growling and barking, what would you do?
That dog is perfectly harmless. They just get bad reps. Approach the dog and try to calm it down.
Run around screaming. You just hate Rotties! They're so scary...
Stand your ground and say "Heel!"
Attack the dog with whatever you can, in self defense.
Duck into a store and away from the dog and wait for the owner to arrive.
Ignore it entirely!
6. Do you prefer small dogs, medium dogs, or large dogs?
I just love Newfoundlanders! And Chows! They are soo cute!
Can you say "teacup poodle"?
I love Scottie dogs! Soo cute!!!
Small, so they can fit in my designer purse!
Medium, so I can carry them if I have to
Large, so they can protect me
7. How many breeds of dogs do you know?
Just one: Adorable!!
One - Five
Six - Ten
Ten plus!
Are you kidding me? I know ALL breeds of dogs.
8. If you are trying to train a dog not to bite, what do you do?
Scream and yell when it bites you, giving it a new chew toy or a treat to chew on instead of you!
Flick its nose and say "No!" firmly
Ever hear of crate training? They'll get the idea soon enough.
Oh, I don't bother training my dog to do anything. I just put on a zap collar. Some people say I'm too quick on the button, though.
Just ignore it. It's too cute to discipline!
9. What do you think of choke collars?
Sometimes necessary, but I don't really like them.
Torture devices!!
I use them on all my dogs, all the time
My dog is so good he/she don't need one!
I've never used them because I don't have a dog.
10. What is the best thing about dogs?
They are an endless source of amusement! Chasing their tails for hours and hours and hours...
The way they lick your fingers and look up at you with those large, innocent eyes!
How they get all excited when you say the simple word of "walk"
Their ability to inhale an entire bowl of food and still have room to jump on the table and eat your food, too!
I don't really think there is a best thing about them... It's too hard to choose!
There is nothing good about dogs. Except the fact that they are their own security system.
11. What is the worst thing about dogs?
The fact that they have to go on such long walks. It's tiring, you know!
Their drool. I have to mop the entire house [even the carpet!!] TWICE per day...
Their abillity to inhale their food and then jump on the table and eat yours, too!
There's nothing wrong with dogs. They're just awesome!
Don't make me get out my list...
I don't know if this is all dogs, or just mine, but my dog has the habit of sleeping right beside my head and SNORING . . .
12. If you had to choose between your left arm and your dog, which would you choose?
I'm right-handed. Who needs a left arm, anyway??
What?! But I'm left-handed... I would have to learn how to write with my right hand... It would be like learning a new language... But... For my dog, I'll do it!
I'm right-handed, but I still value my left arm.... Only crazy people would choose their dog!!
I'm left-handed, and even though I love my dog... I would rather have the left arm!
I would give both arms! And maybe my feet, too!
I wouldn't even give a PENNY for my dog!
13. What type of dog is best suited for snow-sled racing?
Corgis, of course!
German Shepherd
Huskies, duuhh
Who wants to go snow-sled racing when you can sit by the fire reading a book, your dog at your side...?
Any dog, it really doesn't matter.
14. If you were going to get a new dog, what would you first do?
Research the breed, make sure it's a good dog for me
Pick out the cutest one there! And name it Fluffy!
Negotiate the price so the dog is practically free
Why do I need a new dog? Did my old dog die? OHMYGOD. YOU KILLED MY OLD DOG!!
If I was going to get a new dog... Ha, there's a joke. I have eight, remember??
I would get two, any breed, any gender!
15. What is the best way to teach a dog to sit?
Smack its bum and say "SIT DOWN, YA DUMB BUTT DOG!"
Push its bum down, so it's sitting, and say "Sit" and then give it a treat. Eventually it'll catch on.
Give it treat after treat after treat while saying "sit", hoping that one day it finally will sit...
I'm not training my dog. Too much time involved.
I don't have a dog... But if I got a dog, I would train it to do everything!
16. Man's best friend is...
A parakeet?
Dogs! Puppies! Either! Both!
Nothing. Man is a lonely creature.
Everything. Mankind just makes friends with everything it comes in contact with...
his best friend. duh.
17. Imagine, if you will, that you have a dog. The dog is named Rusty and listens to everything you say. One day, Rusty runs away. Your reaction?
OHMYGOD! Rusty could get hit by a car! Canvas the neighborhood! Search the train stations! He could be ANYWHERE! Oh my baby... my poor poor Rusty...
Buy a new dog. I never really liked Rusty anyway...
Stay up all night crying, hoping one day he will return
Search the neighborhood, put up ads, call the dog, tell all your friends. The more people that know, the higher the chance he'll be found
I thought you said he listens to everything I say? Well I think one of the first things I would've said is "don't run away"....
Who cares?
18. Good news! You found Rusty! Except... he got in a fight with a Rottweiler and isn't doing too well. He needs surgery for an outlandish price that you can't afford. You...
Beg people for money! Beg the surgeons to just do the operation for free!
Start a charity in hopes of saving your dog
Well... he is in pain right now... and I'm never gonna get the money... It would be hard on me, but the best thing to do is to put him to sleep...
I refuse to put Rusty to sleep! I'll just bring him home and nurse him back to health by myself! He'll be okay... I think... Stupid meanie doctors!
Sue the owner of the Rottie for the outlandish price in hopes of winning the court case and saving your dog
Kill the Rottie in a blind rage, hoping that will somehow make your life better.
19. If you found a lost puppy that was cold and hungry and thirsty, what would you do?
Put up signs, ask around to see who lost the dog.
Nurse him back to health, keep him forever and ever
Keep him in a box in the garage. There is no way that thing is coming in your house and giving your other dogs fleas! Try to find the owner
Set up a little sleeping area . . . outside. You aren't taking the animal in, but you will feed it, today at least...
See if it has tags or a microchip, to find the owner
20. What did you think about this quiz? [does not effect your score]
That part... with Rusty... it was just too emotional for me!
It was good! Interesting and bizarre, but in a good way...
It was okay. I've taken better tests.
It was horrible! Those were stupid questions! And stupid possible answers!
It was okay. I can't wait to see what my results are!
Is this the last question . . .?
21. That wasn't the last question. This one isn't the last either. What type of dog that you love the most?
German Shepherds
Anything that's a puppy! Puppies are too cute!
Border Collies :]
Huskies :D
Beagles. They rock!!
22. What is the type of dog you hate the most?
I don't hate any dogs! At all.
Chihuahuas >[
Rottweilers. They're big and scary... =S
German Shepherds
Border Collies. They have such ugly pointy noses!!
23. If you were to inherit a million dollars, would you spend it on your dog?
Of course not! Dogs don't need million-dollar stuff.
Of course I would. My dog deserves the very best!
You remember me saying that I have nine dogs, right? Well vet bills and food costs are very expensive. Everything would go toward them!
I don't have a dog, but I would get one!
I don't have a dog, but I would start a dog shelter
I don't have a dog, or ever want a dog. I would just spend the money on myself
24. Would you take a second job to pay for food and vet bills, if you had to?
As long as I could make a good schedule that allows me enough work hours and enough time to spend with the dog, and to sleep
No. I think I would just work on cutting down my spending and work with what I have
I would get rid of the dog and have just one job
I would ask someone to babysit the dog while I work on figuring out a budget that really works for us
I have a family. Taking care of my family is more important than taking care of the dog. I would get the second job but get rid of the dog
I have a family, but we all love the dog. I think I'd take the second job and cut down on spending
25. Have you ever had a dream about your dog, or dogs in general?
Yeah, I have... my dog was playing the piano and singing to me... Really weird...
I dreamed I owned a thousand dogs! And they were super smart and could talk! It was like heaven!!
I dreamed that I was being hunted down by a Rottie and I couldn't get away... I don't like dogs... They scare me...
I don't dream about DOGS. I have more important things to think about!
Oh I don't know. Maybe when I was like 5 or something
Nope, can't say that I have
26. Good news! Okay, so you remember Rusty, right? And the charity?
How could I forget??
Who? The what?
27. Well... the charity worked out really well and you can now afford the outlandish price the vet is asking!
YAY! So...what's the question?
28. So now Rusty has gone in for surgery and you are waiting around in the lobby. A little girl is sitting across the hallway, crying her eyes out about something. Because this is an animal hospital, you figure it's about an animal of hers dying. You...
ignore her. Nothing is going to stand in the way of my happiness of seeing Rusty again!
comfort her, ask her what's wrong
comfort her, tell her about Rusty to distract her
But I don't want to save the dog.... I just want to keep the outlandish amount of money... =[
29. Anyway, ignore that part. That wasn't really relevant. Anyway, the quiz is over!
What?! Really?! But I want to know what happens with Rusty...
Who cares, I just want to see my results!!

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