are u a retard?

Did you ever talk to yourself, do you have only 7 chromosomes, or does your face look like a scrambled egg? If yes, you have to do this awesome and delightful quiz

since I tried to write something useful in this box for nearly 2 hours, I'll just write something until there are enough words to continue. sorry about this.

Created by: amazon
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1. how many fingers do u have?
I like chocolate sauce
8/ im english
2. if u can read this press answer 1!
take me
f**k this I'm out
no I'm the right one
answer 1
3. do you have a superpubic entrance?
nope it's chuck testa
only during trips
is this some kind of sextoy?!
no i'm using a conveen
4. what was the first question?
I dont remember
who cares
something with toes
I know but i wont tell u
[right answer]
5. can u do the creep?
only at the atm
since I was born
6. should jorina bake more cookies???
I prefere cake
no her cooikes are horrible
why has she stopped?
the chain is too long again!!!!
7. have you got cavilon applied to ur groins
I prefere sudocream
no but it tastes wonderfull on bread
I still want cookies!!!
only soometimes
8. what do you prefere before rolling
ready steady rolllllll
I want cookies
9. are u using manual or electric
I dont remember
manual roxx i can do awsome moves
I'm more of the scooter type
awwww hmmmmm aww blblbl
10. how many minits did this test stole of your pressious lifetime?
f**k you i loved it
2 hours, my carer hat too tell me every question twice
I still didn't got any cookies
2 mins retard XD
I'm 1337 you cant do anything
too little gimme more questions

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