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This quiz a little hard but you can do it. Have fun and do good. This quiz is about a bible trivia. It is just a quiz to see how much you know about the bible. This book of the bible is Exodus. There will be more sometime. This quiz will tell you how much you know about the book of Exodus. Take this quiz and it will be good.

How much do you know about the bible? I wonder if you take this quiz you will find out. Take and have fun. You will enjoy it. Read the bible. The book of Exodus is the book you should read. Study up on that then take the quiz and you should get a hundred. Thank you for taking the quiz. Bye

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1. Historians believe that the Israelite race in Egpt numbered as many as three million people to the Exoduse. How many of Jacob's descendants origlnally went to Egpt?
100 men, plus women and children
The bible doesn't specifically say.
2. What was the primary reason the Egptains dislike the Israelites?
They didn't accept the Isaeltites' God
They feared them because the Israelites wer so numerous.
Their skin color was noticeable didn't
They had a fundamental disagreement regarding the NBA strike.
They saw the Israelites as a draining force on their resources.
3. How old was Moses when his mother put him in a basket and hid him amoung the reeds on the Nile?
About fourteen years, just when he starting to get a little obnoxios
Three months
Fourteen months
Two weeks
4. Why did Moses kill an Egyptain, according to Exodus 2:11?
The Egyptain had raped his sister.
The Egyptain blasphemed the Hebrew God.
Moses saw him beating a Hebrew.
Moses had just lost a bundle in a pyramid scheme,and was in a rotten mood.
The Egyptain threatened to kill him
5. Which of the following were among the plagues God brought on Egypt?
Death of livestock
6. What does th Bible say manna tasted like?
Like a cake, with a flavor of pomegrantes
Like rains
Like unleaved bread,with a sweetness of lemon
Like wafers made with honey
Like strawberries, only crunchy
7. What was the sixth commandment?
Honor your mother and your father.
You shall not murder.
You shall not commit adultery.
You shall not steal.
You shall not bear false testimony against your neighbor
8. According to Exoduse 21 and 22, which of the following transgession did God say should result in the death penalty:
Striking and killing another
Cursign one's father or mother
Owning a bull that gores a human to death, but failed to keep it properly penned
Beging a soceress
All the above
9. How long did Moses stay on the mountain?
Forty days and forty night s
Seven days
As far as anyone knows, he's STILL up there
Eighty-five days and eighty-five nights
Two weeks
10. What was the tabernale called/
The Holy Tabernacle
Tabernacle of the Tent of Meeting
First Independent Church of the Wilderness
The Altar of The Most High God
The Sanctuary of Jehovah

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