Abby's Life Story Quiz

heart love abby many years of hope la sing unto god break dance can't stop dancing cars ha he ha he ha eh ah yep live love god abbys life storys yay a

what you dont belive me making a quiz is hard you try it but it is fun! yea it is i am typing realy fast so i may misspell some words i am a pranker i

Created by: Brooke of Abbys life storys
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  1. is abbys life storys website a
  2. will there be a book
  3. movie
  4. will i give random parts to people i don't know?
  5. or will it be a club house play?
  6. will it be a BNH film?
  7. will it be posted on youtube
  8. will i star in it?
  9. will the book realy be published?
  10. will the movie be in stores and in the movies

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